Global Midwifery

Baggage has arrived

We spent Sunday morning at a local Masai market–a staple for visitors to Nairobi, lunched with a new friend and then headed to the airport. One of our bags had been left behind in Amsterdam, and our efforts to contact the airline to locate the bag had been fruitless. At the advice of a friend, we decided to show up and hope the bag had arrived. We found the bag quickly and headed back to the retreat center.

The missing bag contained everything Tammy had brought for the training. You can imagine her relief at receiving it. We took the time to go through the bag, organizing all the materials and reviewing the training outline. Now that we are ready, we have time to do one more fun thing before we begin.

Today’s adventure will be walking to a local shopping area to purchase Kenyan coffee beans and some football jerseys (we hope). After lunch we will be touring one or two local hospitals with a midwife to learn more about the Kenyan hospital birth experience.

But before we can do that I need to struggle with the Emory student ID card website and upload a passport style photo of myself and continue to prepare for the final exam I am supposed to be taking tomorrow (don’t worry, I have the deadline extended until I return). ┬áJust another reminder that life doesn’t slow down, even when I’m on the other side of the planet.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)