Birth Pants

I convinced Jeff to let me see how the birth pants will work (sorry, no photos). It was not what I had imagined, it was actually even better. The stretchy pants are not too baggy, but the baby will need to be “guided” by someone to stay in place. It works in hands and knees and squatting positions. And because it is stretchy, I can stick my hand in the opening to demonstrate techniques for working with a shoulder dystocia (I was able to learn those earlier this year at a Midwifery Today conference).

I want to play with the pants a little more to see if I can use the pants with my model pelvis without someone wearing them. This would allow more people to see some of the maneuvers.

So, it is not exactly like having someone in labor. But the birth pants will work very well for demonstrating birth.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)