Improving maternal care to prevent maternal death

I wanted to draw your attention to a few interesting bits of governance aimed at reducing maternal mortality. Item 1: New York is expanding access to doulas by ensuring doulas are included in Medicaid.  Check it out in the New York Times.

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State Level Midwifery Policy and Midwives Integration

I have been eagerly awaiting the publication of this paper on midwifery policy the United States.1 It represents several years of work by a large group of researchers to identify and measure the ways that state midwifery policies affect the overall performance

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Implementing the midwifery framework

I live in a state that has legal restrictions on midwifery practice. You might as well, full scope midwifery is an uncommon element in health care systems. The International Confederation of Midwives has been working to change that. In 2015 they launched

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Preconception Health Matters

I understood from the public health side that the health of the woman when she entered pregnancy was a driving force of our maternity outcomes. But clinically, a preconception visit was a distinct appointment a woman would make where she asked questions and worked to improve her health to prepare for pregnancy.

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Where’s all the Doula Research?

I was introduced to a series of essays you should read. They highlight the struggles inherent in science, and how those struggles result in a lack of evidence for doula care.  Head on over to Doulaing the Doula for this four-part essay