Jennifer's Personal Notes

Community Transformation

I just submitted my final paper for the community transformation class that was iced out over winter break.  Although I had been exposed to some of the Frier principles previously, I have to admit the class was a great way to experience the method and principles at work.  I had no idea there was an actual “method” to follow.

I am still “stuck” in Atlanta for at least the next two years while I finish my midwifery training, but I’ve decided to keep my community transformation skills sharp by sharing what I have learned.  So this summer I will be working with a group of childbirth advocates scattered throughout the world to help them explore the methods. The goal is for these advocates to be able to use the method within their own communities to start making change.

I realized it was probably nieve of me to think I could handle one more thing. 20 credits this semester was a bit to ambitious for me to keep my feet on the ground.  So I will not be starting the internet group until the summer when my course load is lighter. I’ll keep you posted on any changes.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)