Day One: Bujumbura

We were picked up at the airport and taken to a hotel for pastors. At only $10 a night the price was right, but we were not able to leave the hotel without Flory.

We walked to the market and down to the lake to see some of the sights. This is Flory and Amina on the beach of Lake Tanganyika:

This first night was a difficult one. We were dropped into a city we did not know where they spoke languages we barely understood. Then we were left alone at a hotel. We are so accustomed to our lives in the US that not being invited to stay at their home felt strange.

The hotel was as friendly as they could be to two foreigners that could not understand what was said to them, but it was still an unsettling experience. Having been in Juarez, and having spoken to Flory via internet over the past year, I felt more comfortable than Tammy who had never seen such poverty before and did not really know anything about our host.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)