E-bay and the elusive Laptop

One of the items Jeff thinks will be helpful to take is a laptop computer. We can use it to bring birth videos and other visual materials for the women we train; it gives us a place to store photos so we can take even more; and because I know they have internet access at least part of the time it will allow us to keep everyone updated about how the training is progressing.

So, we cleaned out our “get rid of” pile and did an eBay garage sale to see if we could get enough money for a used laptop. I am happy to report I am no longer the proud owner of boxes of stuff we didn’t need. But despite our grand hopes we just didn’t make enough to win an auction for a laptop that will perform adequately for photos/video. So our next step is to clean out the attic. Beware all you boxes of stuff we don’t need–Next weekend, you’ll be Vanderlaan history!

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)