Jennifer's Personal Notes

End of the Semester

Today I have my first day of rest in months. I have no homework, no papers, no tests, nothing to do.  But not really.

I still have two days at the hospital this week, and I need to prepare.

I need to update the website and prepare my business accounts for the end of the year to get ready for taxes.

I actually have reading for the spring semester already assigned, and when I get back from visiting my extended family for the first time in a year I have two solid weeks of daily clinical time to complete the semester that ends today.

So here is the truth, being in school and on the later half of my thirties is hard.  Balancing classwork and family is hard. Staying motivated to get up ridiculously early when I am tired all the time is hard. Keeping a business while going to school is hard.


School is temporary, it will end and my life will continue.  The skills I am learning will help families all over the world. My family is supportive and understanding, and will help me finish.

Yes it is hard.  But I can do this.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)