Evidence Based?

I’ve been wanting to write about evidence based medicine for a few weeks.  I admit to enjoying research and that I like knowing what is likely to happen when I suggest a particular treatment with a client. Evidence helps me make better clinical decisions.  Evidence helps me work more effectively with my clients.

What strikes me as most interesting is how easy it is to fault others for lack of evidence for the decisions they make without providing adequate evidence for one’s own suggested treatment.  Birth professionals on both sides of the natural birth fence are at risk of making decisions not because of overwhelming research, but because “this is what I learned and so this is always right”. I am not immune. Even with my love of research and my constant quest for more knowledge I still find myself sometimes fighting for what I want to be the truth rather than what evidence really says.

With that confession, I wanted to share a very funny piece of satire about evidence based practice. Enjoy!


Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)