Family Planning Decision Aid

I was taught not to wait until the postpartum to talk about contraception decisions; a woman’s needs may be different after this baby, so don’t make assumptions that she intends to maintain the same plan. Talking about it during pregnancy gives a woman time to investigate her options and plan ahead.

To The CDC has a collection of printable family planning decision aids that can be helpful when talking about contraceptive options.  They highlight the efficacy of the methods, which is helpful since women using a family planing method may have different efficacy needs.  While one may prefer to not be pregnant again for two years, she may be OK if she is pregnant earlier.  Another woman may want a highly effective method due to medical conditions.

You can see, the decision aids divide the methods into groups according to effectiveness, so a woman can concentrate on the methods in the category that make the most sense to her. Each category includes hormonal and non-hormonal methods.







Cost may also be an issue for women, but diversity in insurance offerings may make standardizing such information difficult. The charts also do not talk about the best time frames, for example a woman who plans to become pregnant again in 1-2 years may not want to use an implant or IUD. Handy charts nonetheless.

Jennifer (Author)