Birth Professionals


One thing that has always amazed me about working in the birth world, and life in general, is how much more I learn every year.  I have had the unique privilege of watching my knowledge expand through my website; as I understood more, I put more information up for others.

I’m doing another set of updates to the website.  I have anticipated this for a while; after all, I do have four years of nursing classes worth of knowledge to integrate.  So here I am, updating the website–not even to the nursing school parts yet–and I have so much I want to add. I know more complementary and alternative therapies. I’ve learned more tools to use during labor.  I even know more about the questions women have when they are pregnant for the first time.

Not that this surprises me, I knew there would be a lot of non-book learning–how could I work with so many women and families and not learn new things.  It was just that I don’t tend to think about these things.  I don’t get tested on them, they simply become background information for the way I work with women. The only reason I am getting a glimpse of how much I have grown is because my website acts like a journal, making an interactive representation of everything I know about birth.  The way I approach subjects, the things I link them to and even the subjects I address are all recorded for me. Which means this week, as I work to further improve the section on techniques for natural birth, I am able to see how much I’ve grown.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)