Jennifer's Personal Notes

In the midst of…

You would think that this in-between time, without a formal paying job and no school, would be super productive.  You would think.

I am happy to say that my license is in process with the state, which means I am at least moving forward on one to do item.

And I am also happy to say that I am nearly through with one whole section of the website for updates.  Yes, updates.  And it is a big one with new navigation schemes and total facelift.  I cannot believe I have been working on this for three months already and only have one section *almost* done.  As a reminder, some people spend their whole work day maintaining websites.  When it is a part time hobby, well, lets just say it takes longer.

I am also happy to announce that  we are in the midst of moving.  We found a house in the area we need to be and on top of all the other stuff I have to do, I am slowly packing up every speck of dust we own in this two bedroom apartment to be ready for the move.  At this point, the day cannot come fast enough for me. This apartment has served us well.  And although it is only two bedroom, it is still bigger than the living quarters of many families around the world. Even so, I will be happy to not be disturbed by late night undergrad parties and am excited about the vast space the home promises.

I have my talk for the Christian Midwives International Conference nearly finished.  I am doing a lecture with a friend all about menopause.  It should be fun, and I cannot wait to see the friends I have missed since starting school.

I have also started posters for two other midwife conferences.  It really comes down to the research – if it is worth doing it is worth sharing.  So I am doing the work to share.  Actually, I have already submitted a paper from the research which I hope will be published.

So, maybe I am being super productive.  But with so many projects only part-way done, it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)