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Labor Practice | Waking up to contractions

You wake up at 5:30AM to a contraction. You decide to wait and see if you have another one, and 8 minutes later you do feel another contraction. They are mild cramping contractions; annoying, but you have no problem walking or talking through them. Will you sleep, go for a walk, or go on with your day as planned?


If you would normally be sleeping at this time, and the contractions are far enough apart and mild enough to allow you to sleep, you may find the extra sleep valuable later in labor.

Go for a walk

Walking helps your baby move into a good position in the pelvis, which may help to shorten first stage labor. In addition, upright positions are more comfortable for most women.

Go on with your day as planned

In early labor, many women find that ignorning contractions until they are too strong to ignore helps prevent boredom and the feeling of an overly long labor. In addition, ignorning contractions may help to prevent anxiety if the contractions stop.

Jennifer (Author)