Labor Tools

Labor Tools: Squat Bar

squatpushWhat it is:

A squat bar is an attachment for a labor bed that provides support for the mother while she pushes in a squatting position.

How it works:

The bar can be attached to the bed during the pushing stage. The mother would sit on the bed like a chair, during contractions she can use the bar for support as she squats to push.

How to use it:

The bar is part of the available equipment in a hospital or birth center. Let the staff know you are interested in using one, and they will help you by attaching the bar at the correct time and showing different ways to use it.

Integrating it into labor:

Help the mother into a squatting position, holding the bar for support.

Use the sides of the squat bar as foot supports for pushing in a reclining position between squatting pushes.

Use the bar for the tug of war technique. Wrap a towel or blanket around the bar, giving the mother the two ends to hold. While bracing her feet on the sides of the bar, have her pull the blanket towards her body.

Jennifer (Author)