Birth Professionals

Menopause and several things like it

Next week I will be presenting a workshop on menopause. This is to be my very time-consuming project at the end of my midwifery training. Except it isn’t the end, I still have a ways to go (combining degrees and all).

It is interesting to think about how I got to this point.  Ten years ago I would never have guessed I would want to present on menopause, I was still very birth focused.  But as I learned more about women’s health, my interests widened.  I never would have thought I’d like working with women to treat and prevent STIs, but I do.  Dealing with menstrual irregularities, love it. Birth, it is still there.  But it is only a piece of the whole woman, and I’ve always been about the whole woman.

I share this because as you consider your path to midwifery, I think it is important to think about all the aspects of working with women and families that appeal to you.  If I had chosen a path into midwifery with a more narrow scope, I know I would have longed for more and burnt out quickly.  For other women, having such a broad range of practice would only make them wish they could spend more time at births.  Who are you, and in what ways do you want to work with women?

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)