Month by Month

Mother’s changes to expect in the fifth month of pregnancy

Mom’s Changes

Your nausea should have disappeared by now, but you may be feeling heartburn or indigestion when you eat. You may also be experiencing some constipation and pelvic pain. Although some pelvic pain is normal due to the relaxing and stretching of the pelvis, you should seek the advice of your caregiver if the pain is excessive or interferes with your regular activities.

You should be feeling the baby’s movements by the end of this month. You may also have grown enough that you begin to see stretch marks.

Your thyroid gland is more active during pregnancy, which may cause an increased perspiration. Some women find that the increased blood volume during pregnancy causes their gums to bleed and nosebleeds.

Although still early, some women begin to have leaking fluids from their breasts. It is normal for the breasts to leak, and normal for the breasts not to leak. It will have no effect on your ability to breastfeed.

Jaron Vanderlaan (Author)