Global Midwifery

My Midwifery Heart

I am back from Nairobi, which was an amazingly eye-opening experience.  Check out the Birth in Central Africa blog for highlights and photos from the trip.

I took my last final exam of the semester and will be using the next week to get the business back in order before I dive into more school work. I’ve cleaned out my twitter, rearranging the way I see my feeds.  I’ve set up charts to ensure I am posting when I think I am for the Facebook pages.  I’m even working on the finances–my least favorite job.

But getting my work done has it’s advantages.  For example, I just found this section on one of my favorite websites, the Childbirth Connection.  When I entered the world of birth, I thought the biggest problem was the overuse of interventions. As I have grown and learned, I have found myself more and more pulled to the problem of health disparities. Not only in the United States, but around the world.  This is why I am combining an MPH with my midwifery degree–so I can be part of the solution to these problems.

What draws you to the world of Midwifery, and how has it changed as you have grown and learned?

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)