Add your childbirth business to the directory

Please use this form to suggest a childbirth related site, or to submit your web site listing services as a childbirth educator, doula or midwife. Every suggested web site is reviewed and entered by hand to ensure accuracy of placement. Please be patient, it may take up to a month before your web site is listed in the directory.

Guidelines for Submission

  1. The directory is a list of links to websites that advertise education, labor support, midwifery or  birth center services.  Your business cannot be listed without a website.  Facebook pages are acceptable.
  2. To be listed in a category your business website must advertise that service for hire independent of your other services.  Doulas and midwives who provide education for their clients as part of their services will not be listed as sources of childbirth education unless the website specifically indicates clients are able to purchase an education package without purchasing other services. Links to other local professionals who offer a service does not count as offering the service through your business.
  3. Services are listed only once per category unless you serve more than one state or province.  Please select the best description for your service area. If it is more appropriate for the area you serve, please use phrases such as “northeastern locations, “tri-county area” or “metro area”. Think about how families in the area you serve refer to your community.  If you submit more than one location (for example, listing multiple city or county names), reviewers will select one city for your listing.
  4. By submitting your site to this directory you agree that inclusion in the directory is at the discretion of the editors of this site. Inclusion in this directory does not infer that a site only discusses natural childbirth, but that information at that site will be useful to families preparing for a natural childbirth.

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