On the Road Again

Amina had left from Nayngezi with the women to Uvira since she did not have the right papers to go through Rwanda. We left with Flory to go through Rwanda since we did not have the right papers to take the good road straight back to Bujumbura. We piled into a taxi and headed for boarder. In just a few minutes we were there and safely on the way to the bus station.

We knew we would go through the rain forest, so we got our cameras ready. I don’t remember if I described the bus rides to you. Very crowed, driving fast up and down the narrow mountain roads, the same music tape repeating for hours. But it is cheap and gets you from point A to point B, just don’t try it without Dramamine.

So, here are some shots of the rain forest:

And as abruptly as it started, it stopped. I am sure it is only because of the work being done to conserve this habitat for Gorillas. No, we didn’t see any on the side of the road, they are too smart for that. But we did see monkeys and some type of deer.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)