Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy in Normal and Healthy

In 2000, I first built the Birthing Naturally website. I wanted to provide an internet source of natural childbirth information. I included a list of my birth philosophies on that website, and every version since.  Here is the first statement from my philosophy:

Pregnancy is normal and healthy for the female body. A woman’s health is affected by many factors, including her nutrition, activity level and the amount of stress in her daily life.

Have I changed my philosophy?

It is now 2017. I have a bit more training and experience behind me, but I would still say I agree with this statement.

If I expanded on it, I would change the second sentence to say, “A woman’s health is affected by many factors, including some she cannot control.”

I do still agree that nutrition, activity, and management of stress are important. But now I also think about the ways women must work with less than ideal physical and socioeconomic conditions. A woman has no control over her genetic make-up. A woman who is working two jobs to support her family is limited in the amount of stress reduction she can do.  Even nutrition is not always about the perfect choice, but about managing the best options given the circumstances.

What do you think? Does this statement reflect the way you think about pregnancy?

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Jennifer (Author)