Rights of Women in Childbirth

Have you heard about the new WHO recommendations on intrapartum care and a positive childbirth experience?  I bring it up because I was thinking about preparing for midwifery advocacy for the International Day of the Midwife this week and thought a few other materials might be useful for you.

The new WHO recommendations support the rights of women in childbirth and focuses on women-centered care based on human rights. Its worth reading through, and will give you support and provide you with links to the evidence for this type of care. You may find this article titled A “good birth” goes beyond having a healthy baby, written to introduce the new guidelines helpful as you craft a message for local leaders and policy makers.

If you are new to advocacy work, you may be interested in this booklet, A guide for advocating for Respectful Maternity Care. It describes strategies for advocating for the Universal Rights of Childbearing Women.

I would love to hear about advocacy efforts in your community.

Jennifer (Author)