Birth Professionals

Start Up Funds

It is tax time here in the US, and for many families that means making decisions about how to spend their tax refund. If you were thinking of using yours to start your training or your business, I want to encouarge you to do two things.

First, be sure you know how much you will be borrowing from your family and make sure you have a plan to pay it back. Remember, this is an investment in your business.  As your business begins to make money you must first cover any expenses before you make a profit.  By keeping track of every penny you spend, you will know exactly when your business starts giving your family money (instead of taking your families money.)

Second, start investigating your options now, before the money is in your hands.  You will want as much time as possible to be sure you have selected the best program to meet your needs and goals.  If you lost the link to all the education and certification programs, you’ll find it in the Natural Childbirth Directory.

That’s it, my only two requests.  Now get that paperwork filled out so you can get your refund.  Happy summing!

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)