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Starting School and Blog Updates

Did you notice I moved the blog?  It shouldn’t be too big a deal, it was simply to make it easier to manage all the work I do now that school is starting –which is the exciting news I might add.  But now I need to do some clean up, because using the other system I didn’t do much but write.  Now I can add categories and tags and other exciting stuff which will make it easier for new readers to find information they want to know.

Orientation for the School of Nursing was on Monday.  I had a chance to meet some of my classmates and was registered for classes.  I will be taking the standard first semester family nurse midwife courses and also the introduction to global health.  Very exciting stuff.  I start on Monday just in case you were wondering.  One really exciting thing is that I may have lots of information to share because of the global health class.  Or maybe I won’t, I don’t really know yet.

The move to Georgia was much easier than we anticipated.  With help from a friend we were moved in and unpacked in just a day. Jeff had many trips scheduled for this summer, including two for the kids and I, which meant the family did not have an opportunity to return to Michigan.  But we will be there in December.

I’ve been doing some networking to help identify possible practicum sites in Central Africa.  I do know of a midwifery school in Rwanda and one in Uganda, so if you know of others please let me know.

With that I am off to start reading for class so I do not get behind.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)