Birth Challenges

What is post-maturity?

From The Merk Manual… “An uncommon syndrome of failing placental function and fetal jeopardy that occurs after 42 wk.” In plain English, this means your baby is not able to get what he needs because the placenta is not working right any

Birth Challenges

When you are overdue…

Overdue (also called post-date) refers to a pregnancy that has gone beyond the generally accepted 42 weeks from the last menstrual period. It only refers to the expected due date, it does not suggest anything about the health of the mother or

Birth Challenges

Emergencies in Labor and Childbirth

Certain situations endanger the life of the baby or the mother. Although these emergencies are very rare, it is important that informed parents understand what these terms mean so they can respond quickly.

Birth Challenges

What is Fetal Distress?

Also called fetal distres or non-reassuring fetal status, the theory of fetal distress is this: Neurological damage occurs when the baby’s brain is deprived of oxygen. Lack of oxygen to the brain can be recognized by patterns in the baby’s heart rate.

Preparation Exercises

What is your labor style?

There is no right or wrong way to give birth. There is no right or wrong way to react to labor. But understanding who you are, how you handle life and what expectations you have of yourself in labor can help you