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Where’s all the Doula Research?

I was introduced to a series of essays you should read. They highlight the struggles inherent in science, and how those struggles result in a lack of evidence for doula care.  Head on over to Doulaing the Doula for this four-part essay

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Research about labor support

Hodnett ED, Lowe NK, Hannah ME, Willan AR, Stevens B, Weston JA, Ohlsson A, Gafni A, Muir HA, Myhr TL, Stremler R. Effectiveness of nurses as providers of birth labor support in North American hospitals: a randomized controlled trial. Nursing Supportive Care in

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Do you need a doula?

A doula is a professional labor attendant. She knows ways to keep you comfortable, and may help educate you before the labor. There are as many varieties of doulas as there are birth philosophies. The types of doulas are as varied as