Physiologic Labor

Unnecessary Pain during Childbirth

There are things women do during labor that actually cause the pain to be intensified. Unfortunately, many women do not know what these things are. Understanding how they affect your labor can help you in preventing labor pain. Tension If you are

Physiologic Labor

Sources of Pain during Labor

At the most basic level, labor is a physiological process the mother completes to get her child out of her body and into her arms. As such, there are a wide variety of factors that contribute to the way this physiological process

Physiologic Labor, Research

Research on Pain in Childbirth

Hodnett ED. Home-like versus conventional institutional settings for birth (Cochrane Review) In this review, Hodnett found that a home-like setting for a birth center was associated with lower rates of intrapartum analgesia/anaesthesia (pain medication), augmented labour (using pitocin to “speed things up”),

Physiologic Labor

How painful is labor?

There is an expectation among modern women that childbirth is the worst pain you could ever feel. Because of this, women approach childbirth with overwhelming fear of the pain and attempting to remove it all in search of a good birth experience.