Healthy Pregnancy

Do you talk about Maternal Smoking with your clients?

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 7% of pregnant women in the United States smoke cigarettes at some point during their pregnancy.  That may seem like a low enough number, but it is important to point out that this is an average of maternal smoking for the 50 states. Individual states have distributions as diverse as less than 5% of pregnant women to over 20% of pregnant women.


Figure 1 is a map showing the prevalence of cigarette smoking during pregnancy for each state and District of Columbia for 2016 compared with the national prevalence.
Figure 1. Prevalence of maternal smoking at any time during pregnancy, by state: United States, 2016 National Vital Statistics System, Natality.

Best Practices

According to the AHRQ, the best clinical practice for smoking in adults (including maternal smoking) follows the 5-As:

  1. Ask about tobacco use.
  2. Advise quitting through clear personalized messages.
  3. Assess willingness to quit.
  4. Assist to quit.
  5. Arrange follow-up and support.

Do you follow this framework, or a different framework, to help the women you serve stop using cigarettes during pregnancy?

Jennifer (Author)