Global Midwifery

Tammy’s Photos and the Latest News

As promised, I am actually sitting down and going through Tammy’s photos to get them on the Blog. It just happens to be a few months later than I had hoped to have time to complete it. It was strange to sort through pictures today, it brought up so many memories and almost made it difficult to work – almost. I will work today on putting up the pictures that tell more of the story, so you don’t have to look at more of the same.

I haven’t received a recent update from Flory – It can take a while to hear from him and now I have a better understanding why. The few days we spent allowed us to see just how much this pastor cares about his people, the sacrifices he is willing to make to help them build a better life. Travel for him is difficult – expensive and time consuming. He never knows where he will be staying, and doesn’t always know when he will be able to complete the tasks he as set out to do. It is simply the reality of the culture and infrastructure in his corner of the world. It makes me think of Paul on his missionary journeys and the problems he must have had as he tried to help grow so many churches.

Tammy and I have officially decided we will not be returning to the Congo this summer. Between finances, threats of war and school commitments we feel the timing is not right. We feel a much better use of our time and the donated money this year will be to collect supplies for birth kits which we can ship to Flory to distribute. We will have more information about that soon.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)