The “No Time to Cook” pregnancy menu

This post is one in a series of pregnancy menu helps. This menu consists of items that require very little cooking; it shares ideas to meet your pregnancy nutrition goals on the days when you are too busy to cook a meal.

The “No time to Cook” Pregnancy Menu


Bowl of fiber cereal
1 C milk
1 C of fresh fruit


Cottage Cheese
Whole Wheat Crackers


Egg Salad on 1 slice Whole Wheat Toast
Cup of Milk




Beef and Vegetable Soup from a Can
Whole Wheat Freezer Roll or whole wheat toast
Dinner Salad with Cheese
Instant Pudding


Fruit and Yogurt

Making this menu work for you

If you are having difficulty preparing food (either from lack of time or because food smells make you feel sick), here are some suggestions for helping to ensure you get adequate nutrition:

  • Keep healthy snacks such as yogurt, nuts, whole wheat pretzels and fresh fruit and vegetables on hand.
  • Keep a variety frozen foods (like vegetables, bread rolls and bagels) on hand so you can prepare a meal with very little preparation time.
  • Try mixing frozen fruit with yogurt and juice to make a smoothie. It takes very little time but is nutritionally packed, especially if you add protein powder.
  • Keep salad greens washed and ready to eat in a container in your refrigerator so you can have a salad as a snack instead of chips or cookies.
  • On days that you feel better and can cook, cook a double portion of your meal and freeze the second half. It will come in handy on a busy day or when you don’t feel up to cooking later in the pregnancy.
Jennifer (Author)