Healthy Pregnancy

The Prenatal PAP

I had the opportunity to attend a women’s health conference last week.  Not much on pregnancy, mostly preventing cervical cancer.  But one important take home point for everyone working with pregnant women.

The latest guidelines for pregnancy will be to perform a PAP test ONLY if the PAP is due.  It will not be a routine part of the prenatal visit.

And when it is due depends on many things, like the age of the woman and what type of testing she had for her last PAP and the results.  For example, if a woman has a negative PAP with HPV testing, she should not have a PAP again until 3 years – this isn’t she can stretch it out to three years, it is that she should not have it done again until 3 years.  It simply isn’t cost effective because the HPV testing has such good predictive value.

Good information to know.


Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)