The Birth Worker Survey

To prepare for our summer of statistics, I’ve put together a short survey for you – the readers.  It is a simple survey asking a few questions about your beliefs about childbirth and your birth work.  We will use the results to talk about research statistics so we can become better readers of research.

So here is the link you need:  Birth Worker Survey

Feel free to share this link with your birth worker colleagues — more completed surveys mean more data to play with.

Common Questions:

1.  Is this anonymous?  I can’t tell who you are when you fill it out, but I think Google can and probably keeps track of it.  So it is anonymous to me, but not to the entire world.

2. Can I fill out the survey if I plan to become a birth worker? Yes, you can.

3. Can I fill out the survey if I don’t work anymore? Yes, you can.

4. What if I don’t like the questions, or the answers?  You don’t have to answer any question that makes you uncomfortable.  But it is a survey, and that means lines have to be drawn about what can be asked, how it can be asked, and how responses can be coded.  Don’t worry too much about getting the “right” answer, this is just for fun and is in no way a “valid” survey.  We’ll talk about what that means in June.

I look forward to completing this project with you.  Enjoy!



Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)