Tourist in Rwanda

We arrived in Kigali last night. What we thought was going to be a short trip to Rwanda was actually a 6 hour drive! Yes, the Rwanda boarder is only minutes outside Bukavu, but Kigali is in the center of Rwanda. So we piled into the cramped bus and by some miracle we and our luggage all arrived in once piece.

The drive was actually interesting, in a cramped six hours with one bathroom stop sort of way. We spent two hours driving through the rain forest – and yes I saw monkeys on the side of the road. When we thought about it, monkeys on the side of the road is no different than the squirrels and other small wildlife that visit the US roadways. Unfortunately, they are fast and I didn’t get any photos of them.

Rwanda, like the rest of this part of Africa, has turned out to be a world of contrast. The two hours before the rain forest were hills full of tea, the two hours after the rain forest were hills full of farms and a patchwork of fields. Some amazing greens – but they just don’t come across correctly in the photos – which once again I can not share because high-speed internet doesn’t translate well. Then of course there is Kigali – an overcrowded city and the most modern we have seen yet – the roads are all paved and they have streetlights and traffic signs!

We spent today shopping for small gifts for family back home, and are hoping to go on a safari on the Tanzanian boarder tomorrow before we head back to Burundi.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)