Using Maps for Midwifery Advocacy

As we get closer to the International Day of the Midwife, you may be thinking about local midwifery advocacy. It was preparing advocacy materials for a midwifery day event that pushed me back into school for nursing, midwifery, and research. I wanted to give you some tools to help you build your advocacy materials.

Maps of Health Outcomes

The World Health Organization provides an interactive map of maternal mortality globally.

Mapping Health breaks down information by state and includes cost information. This is perfect if you are advocating for better midwifery scope of practice laws.

America’s Health Rankings Is an easy to use interactive map of maternal and newborn health measures.

Maps of Quality

In the United States, we have several measures of quality.  One of the most common are the definitions of our goals in Healthy People 2020.  You can read about the maternal child health objectives and get updates on our Maternal, Infant, and Child health quality at

The Data Resource Center for Child & Adolescent Health provides maps to compare state performance on national performance measures (how well are we meeting our health goals). Some of the measures are specific to maternal child health, but most are not. They also have a tool to help you locate MCH measures (Check out the Maternal and Child Health Measurement Portal).

Childbirth Connection provides links to a variety of data sources to help you find information specific for your state.

Maps of Laws

The Women’s Legal Defense and Education Fund provides state specific information about laws that allow discrimination in pregnancy, and laws that govern breastfeeding a parental leave.

The United States Department of Labor provides information about pregnancy accommodation and pregnancy-related disability by state.

Maps of Projects

HRSA provides a map and interactive charts to identify federally funding programs for maternal child health. A great way to find organizations for advocacy collaboration.


Jennifer (Author)