Website Updated with Research

This summer I embarked on a project to update the website.  This would be only the second real redesign since its humble beginnings in 2000. I had updates style before, and added more articles.  But really the website simply grew by lumps and outcroppings the way a small house slowly has rooms added on.  The result was a website that didn’t flow well for readers, with redundant information. The growth of the internet as a whole meant some sections which were previously important (such as recipes) were no longer needed.

Along with the update, I decided to put research references for the information right on each page. I had already moved to this style for some topics, but wanted navigating research to be easier for the readers. Sometimes this was easy, other times it mean hours of pouring over studies to gather as much information as possible, and then hours of rewrites to condense the information in as easy to read a format as possible.  This consumed my summer.

I am happy to say, it is finished!

Yes, there are still articles I decided to leave as is and add research later. For the most part these are the less debated topics. In the end I felt having the information available to readers was more important than giving research references for the month by month guide to pregnancy.

I hope you’ll spend some time on the updated site.  Check out what’s new and let me know what you like or what could be improved.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)