Physiologic Labor

Work with your body in childbirth

In 2000, I first built the Birthing Naturally website. I wanted to provide an internet source of natural childbirth information. I included a list of my birth philosophies on that website and every version since.  Here is the a statement from my philosophy:

Every woman is a unique individual. By understanding the way you were created you have a better chance of working successfully with your body during labor.

Have I changed my philosophy?

This is one piece of my philosophy that has withstood the test of time. I am still convinced that women are best able to cope with labor if they are given the freedom and encouragement to do the things that work best for them.

This means some women may want music while others want it quiet. Some women may want to move and dance while others want to relax in a rocking chair. I still don’t believe in the “perfect” comfort measure for labor. Instead, I believe in helping women find the tools that work best for them.

Unfortunately, this means I cannot tell you what to do to cope well with labor. But I can help you figure out what will work best for you.

I have descriptions of comfort tools and positions you can try to see what you like best. I have sample birth plans to help you work through decisions with your health care provider. And I have posted some preparation activities you can try to help you figure out what you would like for childbirth.

Jennifer (Author)