Yellow Fever and Visas

Tammy and I are now both vaccinated against yellow fever. This is one of the requirements to get a VISA for Burundi or DRC. Our next steps are to book our flight and apply for our Visas–which both take money.

People have started to promise money for the project, but we each only have a few dollars in hand. We need to book our flight within the next two weeks because the prices are already starting to go up. So we are praying money comes in for this.

The cheapest deal we can get on Visas is to go through AAA. They get us a discount with a Visa service so we only pay $39 per visa on top of the Visa fee. I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t just drive down to NYC and visit the permanent missions to the UN to get the Visas without the extra cost, but with the tolls to get in and out of Manhattan it might not be any cheaper. Jeff will have to do the math for me.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)